American Patriot Discounts
Special discounts on services and products for Americans who
believe in our founding fathers struggle to keep our country free
of tyranny from threatening foreign infiltration
For The Love of God and Country
[Our Borders]
[Threat of Islam]
[Islam In Public Schools]
[Christianity Under Attack]
Discounts are for approved American Patriots and their families that show the participating company an "American Patriot Discount" membership card. American Patriot Discounts reserves the right to refuse the acceptance for a membership card. Copyright 2015 American Patriot Discounts All rights reserved
Save money on items such as restaurant dining, pet supplies and need, auto repair, protection items and much more this service is FREE to all enrolled American Patriots. A network of local and national businesses has been created to save you money on everyday things you may need. We encourage you to let other American Patriots know about the discount services offered to you. True American Patriots who love our country can help other American Patriots. United we can start to take our country back from those that have infiltrated our neighborhoods trying to change and destroy our American way of life
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